Thursday, December 8, 2022

CHS Powderpuff: Late Touchdown Propels Seniors Over Juniors – Ignites Pandemonium

Sunset and CHS Powderpuff, Seniors were all business in blue/black and the Juniors were rocking bright pink.

O-M-G! CHS Powderpuff 2022 gave the fans on both sides of the field more ups and downs than a biggest swell at Shipwrecks or the last few months of the stock market!

With less than a minute to go, CHS Seniors (Class of ’22), scored a touchdown on a last minute run that absolutely shocked the CHS Juniors (Class of ’23) as well as the entire stadium of fans. Final score: 20-16.  Class of ’22 wins….again – they really are “2 and 2”.

Take a moment and watch the below video and scroll through the photos – it was an amazing night full of cheers, tears, boss girls and boisterous boys. Oh, and don’t forget about the witty and snarky commentating by CHS teacher, Casey Tanaka – if you know, you know.

Video edit by Graham Bower – watch until the end to see the final touchdown run:

Final Score Photo:

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