Thursday, June 8, 2023

Interaction Being Requested is Forbidden by the Brown Act

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Submitted by Dennis Nappen

There are some in our community who are spreading falsehoods about the way that public comment should be taken at meetings of the Coronado Unified School District governing board. They object to the fact that the board members do not interact with them during the public comment period at the beginning of the meetings. This interaction that they are requesting is forbidden by the Brown Act. Notice to that effect is posted on the agenda and announced before the comments begin. Would they like the school board members to break the law?

They also claim they are being silenced when, in truth, they are given the same opportunity to make their views known as any member of the public.

In portraying the school board trustees as unfair and disinterested, they undermine trust in the board and thus harm the children who go to our schools, the very children they claim they aim to protect.

A few loud voices should not be allowed to hijack public meetings.

Dennis Nappen


Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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