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Bridgeworthy: Cross the Coronado Bridge to Explore 7 More (Urban Hiking)

Source: All Trails Website (Seven Bridges Walk)

Getting outside, even during a pandemic, is incredibly important in order to get exercise, breathe in fresh air and to literally expand your horizon. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with friends while social distancing. As urban hikes go, this was an instant favorite because of the different bridges (many of them historic), beautiful neighborhoods and getting some unique views of San Diego.

Our group headed out last week to explore the “Seven Bridges Walk” and drove from Coronado to the parking lot closest to the San Diego Natural Museum – it’s free to park in the lot or anywhere along Park Boulevard. We thought this was the best place to start the hike, but you can certainly start from any point along the trail as it’s a “loop” (see above image). If you do start here, make sure to take note that the last bridge is on the other side of Park Boulevard – we almost missed it at the end of the hike!

The first bridge (from our starting point) was only 10 minutes away and was easy to find as we walked through Balboa Park: The Cabrillo Bridge

The Cabrillo Bridge (Balboa Park) was built for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. It is nearly 125 feet high and was the first cantilevered, multiple-arched bridge to be built in Southern California. Source:

In order to encourage your own adventure, we are not going to go into the details of each bridge or show them in any particular order. However, we do want to share one of our favorite bridges to cross…actually, to bounce across: the pedestrian-only Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Not only does it sway and rumble a bit as you cross it, but it’s feels like a hidden treasure. It’s tucked in the middle of a stunning Bankers Hill neighborhood: Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge was built in 1912. More info.

Don’t just keep your eyes peeled for bridges, look for Oscar. Two of us completely missed this creative street art, but luckily an avid Sesame Street fan from our group spotted him!

Oscar the Grouch was spotted during the hike!

Additional photos from our hike – in no particular order:

The hike itself is about six miles, relatively flat and mostly on pavement…and of course includes seven bridges! It took about two hours and there were plenty of places in Hillcrest to stop for a refreshment.

Take your family, take your friends, but most of all, take a break and get outside!

Recommended: Use the All Trails website/app (free) for directions along the hike.


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