Sunday, June 23, 2024

Photo Walk Captures Fog Surfing in Imperial Beach

Fog surfing is all about hitting the waves when the thick and eerie fog is rolling in. The surf by the Imperial Beach Pier is a favorite among surfers and some mornings can get gloomy here. But the local surfers here have befriended the fog and its limited visibility.
Enjoy the hazy views from our lens, this time in b/w.

A surfer hitting a wave in the fog on Imperial Beach on the north side of the pier.
Very low visibility for the surfers.
Surfing in the fog requires the surfers to know the waters. May Gray and June Gloom make the local surfers used to fog surfing.
A local surfer taking a rest.
Hazy view from the Imperial Beach Pier.
Surfing in the fog means glassy barrels (a barrel refers to the hollow or hollow-faced portion of a wave that forms as the swell is breaking).
Some people don’t like to surf in the fog. Therefore, you can surf with a quality wave with a very limited crowd.
The fog has the beach enveloped.
As it’s clearing up more surfers appear.
Surfing lineup.
Morning surf session.
The fog has lifted and the visibility is back. Here, a surfer is hitting a wave on the south side of the pier.
Morning surf session.

Trina Frederiksen
Trina Frederiksen
Trina is a Danish photographer who recently moved to the US to be with her husband who is in the Navy. She now resides in Imperial Beach.Trina has travelled the world and lived in several countries, from arctic Greenland to Mexico. She enjoys exploring cultures and cuisines. Always carrying a camera, she loves to document the world around her and get to know the people she photographs.

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