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Draya Love Talks About Her Book “love letter to my life. Healing.”

love letter to my life. Healing.

Draya Love released her first book, love letter to my life. Healing. in December 2020. She celebrated with a book signing at Bay Books in Coronado on May 2, 2021 ahead of the second publication on June 19, 2021. As someone living in and out of San Diego for 20 years, with an ex-husband in the Navy, Draya found Coronado to be a place of healing. Simply put, she shares, “I would sit on the beach and process.”

There has been a lot for Draya to process in her own life, physically and mentally. She opens up that she is healing from a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and lupus, as well as type A corporate mindset and mentality.

With a background in coaching, the change of path leading her to the inception of her first book came naturally. Draya shares, “I was writing for some time and I was asking the universe, ‘Am I a writer?’” When it came to her, she says, “I got on my computer and channeled the first twelve pages. I cried; it was a cool experience.” love letter to my life. Healing. was published in four months.

Draya calls love letter to my life. Healing. “digestible. You can open up to little bites or read it cover to cover in two hours.” Draya straddles two worlds that are usually considered very different – the rigid corporate MBA side, and the wholesome reflective energy-driven side. Writing a book honoring all parts of her, love letter to my life. Healing. encompasses nuggets everyone can pull out and apply to their own ever changing life.

Excerpt from love letter to my life. Healing.

Having the book release in the midst of a global pandemic, Draya acknowledges the weight of the world. She describes the book as, “gut wrenching, horrible beautiful,” adding, “I want to reach people of all levels. We lose a lot people in life because we are healing. Sometimes you need to slow down, back off, dip your toe in very carefully.” She laughs, “This shit is scary! And it’s hard, and it’s a lot. People don’t tell us the truth about what goes into healing.”

During the interview, Draya opens up that during our conversation she is actively experiencing symptoms from her health diagnoses such as swollen eyes. But through it all she shares, “I have gone through a journey. With the autoimmune disease, I am still a regular person.” Out of her book, she says, “I hope readers find playfulness, and magic. Life is beautiful. Wipe off some of the old stuff you have been carrying through your life, unpack the baggage.”

In addition to a blog, she does coaching and has a website filled with resources. “I want to be a place where people can find resources to learn about themselves and the universe. I want to link people with enough information as possible to heal.”

Coming next for Draya is likely classes. “People have been asking for classes and I want to guide people. I am working on making what I have learned, teachable. I am letting the information show me what it needs, it’s not always in the way we think it should be. Listen more than you project.”

Draya Love

You can find more about Draya Love by visiting her Website, Facebook, and Instagram

love letter to my life. Healing. can be found locally at Bay Books, other purchase locations can be found here.

Alyssa K. Burns
Alyssa K. Burns
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