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CUSD Board Candidates on Current Issues in 10-Second Thursday

Updated October 25, 2020 - Week 7 has been added.

10-second Tuesday and 10-second Thursday are the names of a series of short videos produced by Brad Willis and originally created for Coronado’s “The 92118” Facebook group. In the videos, candidates for this year’s Coronado City Council and CUSD Board elections answer questions on current issues.

New CUSD board candidate videos will be added here as they are published. Find the city council candidate videos here.

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Thank you to the candidates Whitney Antrim, Mike Canada, Nick Kato, Stacy Keszei, Alexia Palacios-Peters for participating

10-Second Thursday Week 1: What is Your Top Priority?

20-Second Thursday Week 2: School Reopening

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Where do you stand on opening our schools? Immediately? Hybrid? Continue online learning? And why?

40-Second Thursday Week 3: Diversity

There are those in our community who feel that a commitment to diversity conflicts with a commitment to excellence (i.e. we will have to lower our standards to achieve or accommodate diversity). How would you describe the relationship between diversity and excellence? What kinds of efforts would you undertake to encourage a commitment to excellence through diversity?

40-Second Thursday Week 4: History & Racism

Putting controversy over BLM and 1619 completely aside, do you feel a more thorough, accurate historical look at slavery and racial discrimination should be taught in our schools, and that there should be more rigorous policies to deal with racial slurs and racial bullying?

40-Second Thursday Week 5: CUSD Salaries

Do you think the CUSD budget needs to be adjusted to pay the Superintendent, Principals, Teachers, and Classified personnel higher salaries?

30-Second Thursday Week 6: Communication and Accessibility

Communication and accessibility is key as a board member. Will you utilize social media for discussions and/or response to community inquiries? How will you ensure your accessibility to the community at large after you are elected?

40-Second Thursday Week 7: Special Education

What is your philosophy about special education? What do you believe the school board does to determine if district personnel are adequately trained in issues such as autism, behaviors and mental illness?


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