Increased Security Measures for Naval Base Coronado

In response to current world and domestic events affecting national security, all Naval Base Coronado personnel should expect increased security measures and possible delays at installation entry control points. As there will be 100% ID checks, you can assist in reducing delays by having the ID cards of all passengers ready to hand to the Sentry. Please plan your travel times accordingly. Additionally, the ability to escort non-DoD ID holders on to base may be severely restricted.

All NBC tenant commands must continue to execute security measures throughout your spaces, especially at Quarterdecks and access points, as well as to review security protocols.

Personnel are reminded if you “See Something, Say Something”. Report any suspicious activity to NBC Naval Security Forces (NSF) at 619.524.6999 for non-emergencies or dial 911 in an emergency. If possible provide the following:

WHO did you see?
WHAT did you see?
WHEN you saw it?
WHERE it occurred?
WHY it’s suspicious?

Do not confront suspicious persons directly, maintain a visual and allow NSF to handle the situation. Ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets requires a team effort. Navy leadership is counting on the entire NBC team working together to keep our community safe.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Source:  Facebook Page for Naval Base Coronado

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