PAWS and the City of Coronado Celebrate Five Year Partnership

On Tuesday, November 12, the City of Coronado and PAWS of Coronado celebrated the five year anniversary of their unique public-private partnership in the care and support of animals. Video by Visual Storyteller Brad Willis.

The City contracted with PAWS, a community-based nonprofit organization, in 2014 to manage and operate the City-owned Animal Care Facility, a task previously assigned to the Police Department. The City had experienced a significant change in its approach toward animals at its facility from holding animals until their owners could retrieve them to placing greater emphasis on the care and support of animals in the shelters.

“Our relationship with PAWS has created improved service levels and greater staffing flexibility for our Police Department,” City Manager Blair King said. “PAWS, in its capacity as an animal advocacy group, has been a natural fit for the Animal Care Facility.”

Under the agreement, the Police Department continues to be responsible for animal enforcement issues such as responding to dog bites, crimes involving animals, and animal nuisance complaints such as excessive barking and animals running loose.

PAWS of Coronado places 100 dogs and 100 cats in homes every year. Of the animals it processes annually, another 150 are returned to their owners. PAWS also works with other agencies including Sea World, Wee Ones, Project Wildlife to care for other animals such as birds, turtles, reptiles and sea mammals. With more than 100 volunteers, PAWS provides innumerable hours of personalized daily walks and petting. The organization has joined the San Diego Coalition for Animal Welfare that promotes that no animals in San Diego County will be euthanized for lack of space. Shelters work with each other to provide space for all animals. PAWS also focuses on animal education for service organizations and schools.

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Brad Willis
Brad Willis is an author and retired network news foreign correspondent who has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Latin America and Asia. He has received national and international awards for compassionate journalism and for his war coverage. Brad is longtime Coronado resident who works with the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission as a visual storyteller. Send news tips or story ideas to: