Moke Coronado: Made in America, Giving Back to Coronado

Moke America has expanded into Coronado (Moke is pronounced like bloke). The company, which has locations across America, has seen success in La Jolla for over thirty years. This prompted them to seek out Coronado’s beach town. Moke America is now Coronado’s ONLY authorized dealer. Colleen at Moke America explains the vehicle to friends, “it’s the coolest car, as if a hummer and a golf cart had a baby!”

Coronado has the right audience as electric cars surge and golf carts are spotted all over town. However, Moke America is more than a car dealership. There is a great deal of philanthropy, predominantly in the sports sector. Colleen elaborates that the Moke team is made up of athletes themselves and Moke America was the official car of Coronado’s Crown City Classic 4th of July event. Next up, Moke America is working on being a sponsor of the City of Coronado Police’s golf tournament. Also on the horizon, Colleen shares, “We would love to partner up with the Islander Sport Foundation.”

So… what exactly is a Moke?

According to Moke America: From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun. Introducing Moke America: A 20th-century collectible car reinvented with 21st-century green-friendly electric power, available exclusively in the USA.

More specifically, it is the customizable, all electric, and eco-friendly alternative to Coronado’s golf carts. It charges from a standard outlet and has steel body construction, providing better safety for all passengers. Colleen highlights some of the lesser considered features, “it’s great to put a few paddle boards or surf boards on top of, and it is completely dog, beach, and child friendly! It’s very easy to clean.” She also shares stats that most trips from home are within three miles, making it perfect for zooming across the island. While owners can choose different colors (for various aspects of the car: body, bumper, grill, roll bar), different seating (hello bench in the back for the dog!), and a variety of top shade structures, it can also be designed as advertising for your business.

There is also a lot of nostalgia in the Moke. It can be seen in the ’50s-’60s driven by iconic celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Princess Margaret, Emperor Rosko and the Beach Boys. It also is used in a James Bond film. Colleen laughs that at first look most reactions are, “what is that crazy, safari, jeep looking thing?” After curiosity brings in onlookers, they not only learn that “it’s cool, fun and the style is engaging,” but also that “it’s not flipping over. It takes an impact and handles the dips in Coronado well.”

Moke America is making a difference with Coronado drivers and with their commitment to giving back to the community. Anyone interested in their own Moke or partnering with Moke in Coronado should call Colleen. Colleen can typically deliver the Moke in your driveway in 48 hours, she can be reached at: (858)452-6060 or online at: Also be sure to follow their Instagram to see Moke customization ideas and Moke around Coronado!


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