Is the 5G Network Dangerous to Our Health?

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Submitted by Chloe Youngberg

You might not know it yet, but we are slowly moving towards a new digital era. Mobile internet plays an important role for our nowadays fast-moving, modern life. It all started with a simple voice call back in the day.

Then came SMS and MMS (which never found its ground, especially with the popularity of WhatsApp ‘shortly’ after). Few years later, 3G was introduced along GPRS (General Packet Radio Services), which enabled the mobile internet that we know nowadays. 4G’s launch just drastically improved the connection speed, but we already have the need for more speed. So, what comes with 5G WiFi?

It will have a much wider impact than you might think. It will be an information network connecting future delivery drones, self-driving cars and trucks, VR headsets and millions, if not billions of other internet-capable devices inside and outside your home. As early as 2020, we can expect for 5G to launch.

Many people think that 5G radiations will bring the world to its knees and cause a lot of health hazards to people. American National Cancer Institute did some studies on wireless radio frequency and reported in Jan 2018 that “A limited number of studies have shown some evidence of statistical association of cell phone use and brain tumor risks, but most studies have found no association.” NCI website says non-ionized radiations, such as the ones used in wireless cell phones, are not as impactful as the ones caused by ionized radiations such as X-Rays.

Recently, media speculated about 297 birds getting killed due to 5G tests in Netherland. However, subsequently the news was reported as false.

Researchers say that using cell phones for a long time isn’t advisable, as they tend to generate a lot of heat. No study has clearly established that 5G radiation is going to be harmful or more dangerous than 4G radiations. But I am willing to hear AT&T’s perspective (at the next city council meeting) on why there is a necessity for these 5G cell towers, if they are truly beneficial to our community or if they present conclusive health risks.

Chloe Youngberg


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