Reducing Bicycle Theft in Coronado – What Are Your Ideas?

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Submitted by Kathy Schadewald

I grew up in Coronado. And bicycles being stolen has been going on forever. Even I had bicycles stolen. In fact, I was instrumental in helping break a bike stealing ring in Coronado when I was in grade school. I had painted parts of my Sting Ray bike with the same color purple that the bike was painted. What I painted were the little parts of it like bolts, etc. That’s what I found on one of the thieves’ bikes that lead the police to the thieves’ garage where all the stolen bikes were being stripped down into parts.

Recently I was reading Cops and Robbers in the Coronado times. And I thought, why not have a contest to figure out a way to dramatically reduce the amount of bikes stolen in Coronado? It would be fun and challenging for all ages to come up with solutions. I’m sure there would be some really funny ideas and some really great ideas. I have thought of a few myself.


To the community, what are your ideas?

  Kathy Schadewald


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Originally from upstate New York, Dani Schwartz has lived in Coronado since 1996. She is thrilled to call Coronado home and raise her two children here. In her free time enjoys hitting the gym, reading, and walking her dog around the “island.”Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: