City Manager’s Weekly Update – August 11, 2017

  • Do not leave animals in your car, even if you think it’s cool outside.
  • Caltrans held two public meetings regarding potential suicide deterrents for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge this past week to learn about feasibility plan and to take public comment.
  • California Coastal Commission voted to deny a Coastal Development Permit for the proposed South Beach Restroom project.
  • Coast Guard helicopter had to make an emergency landing in the Fiddler’s Cove parking lot this week.
  • The Planning Commission approved zone text amendments for City Council to review related to: Accessory Dwelling Units, prohibition of commercial marijuana activity in Coronado, and an RSIP-3 clarification.
  • Brian Smock, Coronado’s Golf Pro and Coronado native, is in North Carolina participating in his first masters tournament, the PGA Championship.
  • Free Summer Shuttle is in final full month of service and continues to be popular. Service will end on Labor Day, September 4.
  • City reminds residents to be aware of extra water from irrigation going into gutters and check for over-irrigation or leaks.
  • The 2018 Community Read is planned for the shared reading of one book and it’s time for the community to cast their vote (click here) for one out of the six finalists by August 31.
  • Amalo Brew, the Library Coffee Cart, is closed through August 24 and will reopen with upgrades, new drinks and new hours (Monday through Friday 6am-11am and Monday through Thursday 2pm-4pm).
  • The Port of San Diego approved the second phase of the bridge lighting project to allow the design team and Caltrans to create more detailed plans and to hold public workshops.
  • The Hotel del Coronado has installed a large white tent for a corporate trade show to be held from August 13-14. Traffic will be impacted in the area.
  • NASNI noise alert through September 1 due to an increase in tactical aircraft.

Each week, the City Manager’s Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when necessary.

Get up to speed on what’s going on in Coronado with this video preview of the latest edition of the Coronado City Manager’s Weekly Update, as well as a sampling of the updates below. Read the full update on the City’s website.


Caltrans Bridge Open House: The California Department of Transportation held the second of two open house meetings in Coronado this week to take public comment on possible suicide deterrents for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. The first meeting was held on Wednesday, August 9, in Barrio Logan. Coronado’s meeting was held Thursday, August 10, in the Coronado Library. Caltrans officials invited the community to learn about the current feasibility plan, deterrents used on other bridges, and to take public comment on the deterrents presented. More than 100 people attended and walked around stations where representatives provided information and answered questions. There were opportunities for the community to provide written comments.

Caltrans Meeting

Planning Commission:  At its July 25 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended approval of three zone text amendment ordinances to the City Council. Each of the following three items will be heard by the City Council at a future public hearing:

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance — to regulate the establishment of accessory dwelling units on residential properties improved with a single-family house;
  • Commercial Marijuana Activities Prohibition Ordinance — to prohibit all commercial marijuana activity in Coronado; and
  • Residential Standards Improvement Program (RSIP-3) Clarification Ordinance — to clarify recently enacted development regulations including the definition of a panhandle lot; height measurement of fences, walls and hedges; location of mechanical equipment; and undergrounding of utilities.

Over-watering a Local Concern:  The City would like to remind residents to be mindful about excess water coming from their irrigation systems to the gutter. This can occur from over-watering. To save water, the city suggests residents:

  • Inspect their systems;
  • Repair leaks and broken nozzles;
  • Readjust nozzles to focus irrigation to only landscaped areas;
  • Hand-water parkway areas; and
  • Adjust the timing cycle of each valve to eliminate over irrigation and runoff.

Standing water can lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. If you would like some help from the City, please call Public Services at (619) 522-7380.

Bridge Lighting Project:  The San Diego Unified Port District has approved the second phase of a project to artistically light the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. The Port voted Tuesday, August 8, to spending $481,717 to allow the design team and the California Department of Transportation to create more detailed plans for the project and to hold public workshops to receive community input. The project is estimated to cost $10 million, all from donations and the port tenants public art budgets, and may be completed by 2019.

Navy Noise Alert: Naval Air Station North Island is undergoing an increase in tactical aircraft in support of aircraft carrier/carrier air wing training operations through September 1. During a 6-week period, including nights and weekends, local residents will observe F/A-18 and F-16 aircraft operating from the airfield.

Animals Left Inside Cars:  This can’t be repeated enough. Please, do not leave your animals in the car even if you think it feels cool outside. On July 21, Police Services Officer Jacob Koenig received a radio call of a dog locked inside a hot car. When Koenig arrived, he found the vehicle windows slightly cracked, no water available and the dog in distress. The temperature inside the car was 93 degrees. He removed the dog and transported him to the Coronado Animal Care Facility where he is recovering. The Police Department would like to thank the citizen who called in to report the incident.



For the complete City Manager’s Weekly Update, visit the city’s website.


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