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Humans of Coronado – Should President Obama Nominate the Next Supreme Court Justice?

Humans of Coronado is a photo series where we “bump” into residents and visitors around the “island,” completely unplanned and unfiltered.  It was inspired by Humans of New York. Next time you are out and about around town, you may just find yourself part of the next HOC series!

This segment of Humans of Coronado concerns the controversy following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  On February 13, 2016 Justice Scalia passed away, leaving a Justice vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, known as the Appointments Clause, states that the President “shall” appoint Justices of the Supreme Court.  That one tiny word “shall” seems to be interpreted by some people to mean it is a definite duty of the President, whereas others interpret it to mean that it is open for discussion.

Some people are adamant that President Obama should nominate a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia, who was appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  Other people feel that, because the next Presidential election is less than a year away, the next incoming President of the United States should be the one responsible for nominating a new Supreme Court Justice rather than President Obama. What do you think?

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Coree Cornelius
Coree Cornelius
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