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In response to Please Don’t Call Coronado an Island
Submitted by Jonesy Jones

I am old and crotchety. I was born in Coronado in 1949 and moved back to the Island in 1991. I’m OK with people referring to Coronado as an Island ~ in this instance I’m not a stickler for details.

I would bet that if you could go back far enough into history you would find that there were two very separate islands here ~ Coronado North Island and Coronado South Island. Eventually the ocean currents deposited the sediment which technically connected the islands together and also connected them to the mainland as well. Today we’re really a peninsula but somehow ‘Coronado Peninsula’ just doesn’t roll off the tongue so well.

In reading my property tax bill that’s circulated by the County of San Diego I see they are ‘officially’ defining my parcel as being located on ‘CORONADO BEACH SOUTH ISLAND.’ That’s good enough for me ~ I like the sound of it actually.

As long as I can remember the military has occupied the other Coronado Island. They’ve always referred to that parcel as being ‘Naval Air Station North Island’ as best I can recall. Even on the Google map that was provided the base was listed as NASNI (Halsey Field). It was NASNI when I worked there in the 1970s.

Call it what you want ~ I’m rather fond of Coronado Island myself. I see it as a nod to our history here on the Island, a history I’m proud to share with anybody.

Jonesy Jones
LOT 3 BLK 160

Editor’s Note:  Looks like the issue of Island or Peninsula has been in question since at least 1846.

(Image used with permission of the Coronado Historical Association. From "Coronado: The Enchanted Island")
(Image used with permission of the Coronado Historical Association. From the book “Coronado: The Enchanted Island.”)


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