Village Pizzeria up for “Best Pizza in San Diego”

Village Pizzeria is nominated by San Diego Eater for “Best Pizza in San Diego”. Voting only lasts one day, so make sure to place your vote by midnight if you think Village Pizzeria is one of the best!

Click here to vote!

What would Pizza Week be without an epic pizza-on-pizza battle to find the supreme local specimen? The voting starts right here, right now and will progress through daily rounds until San Diego Eater has a final winner.

The nominees, gleaned from reader comments, tips and our Eater editorial staff, have been randomly grouped into four sets of five candidates. Each day, vote for your favorite pizza in each fresh group of contestants.

On Friday, we’ll pit the winners of each day’s poll against each other in a pizza deathmatch to determine Eater Reader’s ultimate Best Pizza in San Diego. Today’s voting is open until midnight; may the best pizza win!

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