COVID-19 in San Diego:
Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)
Thursday, June 4, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

Meet Brian Smock, Instructor and Nationwide Tour Playing Professional, Now Instructing at Coronado Golf Course

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Coronado local and professional golfer, Brian Smock, is now the resident golf pro at the Coronado Golf Course where he first learned to play. Since the second grade Brian has attended Coronado schools, graduating from CHS in 1991. Brian’s golf career began when he was twelve years old. His uncle and grandfather, both named Ernie Gonzalez, played professionally. With such great mentors, Brian has been able to continue the family golf legacy.

Post high school, Brian played collegiate golf at the University of Texas, El Paso for two years transferring and graduating from Fresno State. His favorite memory about Fresno was how supportive the community was of the college sports teams. He began his professional career at 21 achieving success at an early age. He made it through the difficult process of competing with thousands of others for the limited, highly-coveted spots in the PGA Tour School. Brian was a seven time finalist at the PGA Tour School. In 1997, only 23, he was a part of the Nike Tour.

Brian continued on to the Tour (formally known as the Nationwide Tour). He managed to make a successful living in such a high stress and high risk venture with five second place finishes and multiple top ten finishes in the Tour. Even as Brian explained the grueling processes of flying and driving out to tournaments, he never felt he like it was work. “To do something you love is a blessing.” On his different tours around the world, his favorite places to golf were Australia and New Zealand because the courses offered different challenges and the people there were so appreciative and supportive of the sport.

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Unfortunately, Brian has been struggling with back injuries for the past three years, now dealing with a torn disc which has placed him on a medical leave. Because of his current standing on the money list, he will be able to return again next year and play in ten tournaments of his choice. Despite the speed bump in his professional life, Brian is glad to take a break from all his traveling to spend time with his wife and children who are four and two years old. He is really enjoying being back on the course where he learned to play. Even with the 100,000 rounds played at the Coronado Golf Course every year, it remains in great shape. With so many golfers flocking to Coronado to play it is quite an achievement that Brian set the record of 60. He is happy to be teaching a sport which has been his passion. Being home also allows him to participate in the great community life of Coronado. He spends his spare time coaching his son’s soccer team and is finding new ways to give back to his hometown. He noted that the one thing lacking at the Coronado Golf Course is more locals coming down and taking advantage of its great amenities, whether it be the course, the driving range, or the excellent restaurant. It is truly one of the jewels in the Coronado crown, both inviting and relaxing with a sweeping view of the San Diego Bay. Why not brush up on your game with our home-grown professional?

For more information about Brian Smock’s lessons click here.

Greer Goebels

Online Editor, Intern

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