Monday, June 5, 2023

CHS Homecoming Queen Quinn Waitley (Photos)

David Waitley (Quinn’s father) proudly walked with Quinn during the homecoming ceremony.

Last week, Quinn Waitley was crowned Homecoming Queen at CHS. However, being crowned and sharing the moment with her father and loved ones wasn’t the only highlight of the process. On the day of nominations people continued to tell Quinn they voted for her, and she would respond, “Cool, for what?” It wasn’t until her 6th period when she saw the crowns in the ASB classroom that she realized that the votes were for homecoming court. The nomination was a total surprise and when she told her parents at home they were all thrilled.

As the Homecoming Parade rolled around, her father, David Waitley, scrambled to find the right car for Quinn so she could ride safely. Quinn has a form of cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair as her main mode of transportation, so finding the perfect car was crucial. Luckily the one car offered worked, providing headrests for her to hold onto during the parade. She was nervous and scared, but ended up having a great time in the parade borrowing one of her older sisters’ gowns. In a family with six sisters—Kaila, McKenna, Demi, Sydney, Bailey, and Maddy—and being second oldest out of a set of quadruplets, there are plenty of clothes to share for special occasions. David mentioned school dances always add an extra level of chaos and are big productions in their house.

To prepare for the Crowning Ceremony, David received a lot of help and support from the CHS staff and was able to scout out the easiest route for Quinn. Quinn prepared with the help of her sisters for hair and make up. David mentioned that although Quinn is an extremely independent person, she decided that he should carry her half the way for the ceremony. When her name was announced as Homecoming Queen she was totally surprised. “I was spazzing like crazy. I was laughing, just completely in shock.” She knew her name was announced but it wasn’t until her friends were tackling her that it all sunk in.

Her sister, Bailey, surprised her by inviting 15 of Quinn’s friends from her different sports teams—rugby and basketball—to the ceremony. After all the photos Quinn went home with family and friends to hang out. They celebrated until midnight when Quinn was starting to doze off in her crown and gown. The next night at the dance, despite the rain, Quinn and her sisters Sydney, Bailey, and Maddy all had a great time. The only drawback about all the homecoming events for Quinn was that she wished the princesses got to perform in the pep rally like the princes.

Greer Goebels

Online Editor, Intern

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