Which Wich Dining Review: Delicious and Personalized Sandwiches

In the mood for a tasty meal, tailored exactly how you like it? Looking for a friendly yet fresh atmosphere? Well then head down to Which Wich!

Located at 926 Orange Avenue, Which Wich is the newest restaurant to open up in Coronado. Their claim to fame is that service is personalized to each customer through a do-it-yourself system that makes you feel as if you could be a chef without having stepped anywhere near the kitchen.

Right as you walk in, the most prominent aspect of the décor is the right wall. It holds the menu along with a row of several cups containing red pens and brown paper bags labeled with a variety of choices such as “turkey” or “comfort”.

Choosing a bag is the first step towards designing your meal. Depending on which one you pick, you could order anything from a seafood to a ham sandwich. After deciding what you are in the mood for, you’ve got to “work your which”! In other words, it’s time to customize your sandwich by indicating what type of veggies, bread, or dressings you prefer. This is done through a form like system, also located on your sandwich bag.

I ordered the roast beef sandwich while my brother preferred the egg salad sandwich and a chocolate shake. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got my food and even more pleased (though not so surprised) at the quality of the food. The flavors tasted rich and the sandwich was a perfect size so that it was fulfilling without the having the sense of being overstuffed. Personally, I can be a little quirky about the amount of ingredients on my sandwiches. However, Which-wich nailed it with enough cheese to taste but not so much as to over power. I left excited to come back and experiment with different ingredients. Which-wich has a large enough selection that you could easily come to lunch everyday for a year and not have tasted every sandwich they have to offer.

My first impression of the room was how striking the modern vibe was. Everything from the windows to the metal tables seemed clean cut. However, in true Which Wich style, one of the walls was decked out with bags that various customers had decorated. Just like their sandwiches, it gave the place a personalized and friendly feel. The place emanates the sense that it is a clean slate, waiting for you the customer to make it your own.

Which Wich is the perfect places for families to spend their evening if they are looking for good casual food that can appeal to any age. With 60+ toppings there is something for everyone!

In the short amount of time that it has been open, Which Wich has cultivated a reputation for delicious food among locals. It is a solid choice to be considered if one is on a lunch break from school or work! The only critique I might have is that this is not a tight budget everyday lunch stop. Over the course of a few weeks, $8.25 a meal could add up quickly.

However, the food itself is satisfying and the service was extremely helpful. Almost as soon as I walked in the door, someone was at my side asking if I had eaten here before and offering to explain the Which-wich system. I do not think there was one time I caught an employee without a smile on their face, readily able to help me with my questions.

Overall, I would give Which Wich a very positive review. It’s definitely worth checking out, so next time your in the mood for a sandwich head their way!

Which Wich is open everyday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm


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