CHS Student of the Week: Patrick Pugeda

    Student of the Week: Patrick Pugeda, Class of 2012

    What is your Coronado story? (how did you end up in coronado?)

    Here’s my story. My dad was in the Navy and went to work everyday on the North Island Naval Base and my mom is a nurse at Sharp Hospital. Basically, it was easier for me to go to school in Coronado because it was where both of my parents had been working. So ever since pre-school, I’ve been educated by the CUSD.

    What is your favorite part about Coronado High School?

    There are just so many things I love about CHS, but if I had to pick one, it would be how it is such a small school. I like it because since we have such a small student body, we are much closer together, kind of like a family.

    What are some of your current passions?

    Some of my current passions are photography and cheerleading. Photography is amazing to me because I can take pictures that look amazing and edit pictures to make them look even more amazing. Cheerleading is something that I’ve gotten a passion for during my junior year. It is just so much fun and you create so many memories throughout your time as a cheerleader.

    Where do you want to go to school next year?

    To be honest, I am still undecided on where I want to go. I am very sure, though, that I will be staying in California for my college education.

    Any favorite spots around Coronado?

    My favorite spot in Coronado would have to be Panera because no matter what time of the day you walk in, you will always find one of your friends in there and you could hang out with them. Plus, Cinnamon Crunch bagels are delicious.

    What is your favorite memory so far from Coronado High School?

    It is so hard to just choose one because I love every Coronado experience that I’ve had. I would say that the one that sticks out the most would be the first day of Senior Year. Just walking in to the school knowing that it would be my last “first day of high school” got me really excited to get this year rolling,

    Do you have any random fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

    I love photography and videography. The only thing better than capturing a moment in a picture, is capturing a moment on video. Some people don’t like being on camera, but they love seeing videos I put together later on.

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