CHS Student of the Week: Caroline Courtney

    Student of the Week: Caroline Courtney, Class of 2012

    How long have you lived in Coronado?

    “I’ve lived in Coronado my entire life.”

    What is your favorite part about Coronado High School?

    “Personally I really like the CoSA (Coronado School the Arts) dance program. It lets me do what I love most everyday after school.”

    What are some of your current passions?

    “Obviously I’m passionate about dance. In the future I want to attend an arts school or one that has a good arts program. I also really enjoy photography. Right now, I’m putting together a portfolio of fairytales for my AP (advanced placement) Art class. I’ve done different photo shoots for it, like Little Red Riding Hood and Pocahontas.”

    Where do you want to go to school next year?

    “Dominican and Fordham are my top two choices.”

    Any favorite spots around Coronado?

    “The beach. I always go down that and just hang out with my friends. Also the Bay Club because my friend lives there and they have a super cool movie theater.”

    What is your favorite memory so far from Coronado High School?

    “Probably dancing last year in Journey to Oz.”

    Do you have any random fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

    “I used to own a tarantula named Shelob but it died last week. Now I have a new one named Zelda!”

    Photography by Caroline Courtney

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