CHS Student of the Week: Jackie Hites

    Student of the Week: Jackie Hites

    What is your Coronado story?

    I actually ended up in Coronado because of my sister. I was going into my 8th grade year when my mom and dad told me I was switching schools and moving to Coronado so that my sister could be in CoSA. I am now grateful to live in such a great community.

    What is your favorite part about Coronado High School?
    My favorite part about CHS are the school dances because I love to dress up. I also enjoy the teachers – I have never been to a school where the teachers have cared so much about their students and have really enjoyed their job.

    What are some of your current passions?
    One of my passions right now is playing on the CHS varsity tennis team. I couldn’t ask for better teammates. Another passion of mine is floral designing. I have worked at the Coronado Flower Lady now for 3 years and I love it.

    Where do you want to go to school next year?
    I am still figuring out what school would best fit, but I do enjoy floral design. One day, I would like to have my own flower shop!

    Any favorite spots around Coronado?
    My favorite spots around Coronado are any place with a tennis court and the Coronado Flower Lady – it’s great to see the community interacting with beautiful locations.

    What is your favorite memory so far from Coronado High School?
    I have so many great memories about CHS that will always stay with me, but the ones I enjoy most are shared between my friends, teachers and my sister.

    Do you have any random fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

    – My favorite nail polish to wear is either OPI pinking of you, OPI do you lilac it, OPI teenage dream.

    – The top 3 songs on my iPod are
    1. Teenage dream – Katy Perry
    2. Oops I did it again – Britney Spears
    3. Oxygen – Colbie Caillat

    – My favorite flower is a sunflower because when you look at it, you just have to smile.

    – I’ve never been in the snow.

    – My favorite thing to shop for is high heels (pumps)

    – My favorite animals are penguins, pelicans and puppies.

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