Smart Island Eats: Vegetarian and Other Healthy Dining Options Around Town

    With Stretch’s Cafe closing in the near future, I’ve been perusing local menus in search of alternatives to my favorite vegetarian-friendly eatery. After much research, I have discovered that there are several great healthy and/or vegetarian dining options on our island. Many of the local menus include at least one vegetarian or health-conscious option, or have meals that can easily be altered to your preferences.

    Bistro d’Asia is a great choice for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Though their menu includes a five-item vegetarian selection, one of my favorite choices is the vegetarian lettuce wrap appetizer: a tasty mixture of ground tofu, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and hoisin sauce. Served with a half a head of lettuce for wrapping, this meatless dish is a relatively healthy option when craving Asian-inspired cuisine. For the carnivores, order the “Siam” version, which includes chicken and shrimp in lieu of tofu. Adding a side of brown rice will transform this appetizer into a fulfilling meal.

    Though somewhat less healthy (okay – probably much less healthy – but burgers are an occasional must-have!), one of my preferred vegetarian choices on the island is Burger Lounge‘s veggie burger. With a thick, uniquely flavored vegetarian patty (much different from the typical Gardenburger) and all the accoutrements of its beefy counterpart, this burger is tasty and satisfying enough to fool even the most stubborn meat eater. Hankering for their veggie cheeseburger but prefer some additional options for the rest of the family? Current, the restaurant at the local Marriott Resort, has an excellent veggie burger with a similar patty as Burger Lounge. Substitute the fries with a side salad or fruit for an even healthier option. Be sure to inquire about this option when ordering, as this burger is not listed as a main menu item.

    Looking to eat healthier at home or pack a better lunch for work? For those who wish to concoct their own healthful meals from the comfort of their own kitchen, Boney’s Bayside Market is a great choice for wholesome (and often organic) ingredients. Many prefer to cook at home, whether for the always-important family time or to control portions and save money, but if strapped for time, Boney’s also offers prepackaged meals and sides in their refrigerated section. Though Boney’s makes most of the prepackaged food in their on-site deli, they also offer sandwiches and wraps from Evolution Fast Food (delivered fresh from their dine-in location in Hillcrest), a 100% vegan restaurant.

    Grab ‘n Go deli cases at Boney’s, stocked with various salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit, hummus, and much more!

    Happy dining!

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