Bike path marking needed along Glorietta Blvd between 5th and San Luis Rey

Coronado needs more bike paths. Why doesn’t the City of Coronado add a white stripe on Glorietta Blvd, from San Luis Rey (where the current bike path ends) to 5th Avenue (where the bike path beside the golf course begins)?

We bike from the Coronado Shores along the Bay side, but the bike path ends at San Luis Rey and doesn’t start up again until 5th Avenue. Glorietta is very wide all the way along the golf course and has several bumps so cars do not go fast. It would be easy (and inexpensive) to add a white stripe on the road on the golf course side, and mark it as a bike path. That would connect the path that runs along Silver Strand to the bike path under Coronado Bridge that goes to Ferry Landing. It’s a nice bike ride and easy one — and is constantly in use by bicycles and wheeled buggies (many of them on the sidewalk on the house-side of Glorietta Blvd). Cars could still continue to park on the sides of the road, but a bike path would (1) make it clearer that there is a nice bike path around much of the island, (2) get bikes off the sidewalk and off the congested streets around Orange Avenue, and (3) be safer for bikers who do use this path already.

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