The Arms of Sarah Connor

    Steve has decided to climb El Capitan in Yosemite. He will have to do 20,000 pull-ups as El Cap is twice the height of the Empire State Building. He’ll sleep on a rock face for 6 nights and he will come off the mountain attached to a rope from a helicopter. He will land in a big field with 200 friends and family members there to greet him. This will happen in September (12-18). He has experts helping him, and other than the helicopter-rope part, I feel ok about his safety when I think about it. He has become very stoic of late. He’s concentrating very hard and working out even harder. He has the deepest, quietest sense of determination of anyone I’ve ever met. My usually jovial sweety has become a bit more intense than I have seen him. He did 800 pull-ups in the gym this morning!!!!!! It’s sexy and masculine, and he-man of his handsome little self. It’s also boringly regimented, but that’s what it takes, and I’m really, really so proud of him. To read on Elizabeth’s blog go to:
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