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La Avenida (Rooms & Dining): A Gift From CH Projects Waiting to be Unwrapped

Coming to Coronado June 2024

A wrapped gift from CH Projects waiting to be opened. Can you wait until June 2024?

Wouldn’t you love to know what is happening behind the colorful construction fence wrap at 1315 Orange Avenue? What is to become of the old La Avenida Inn? Aside from covering food happenings and my boutique catering biz, I also work for CH Projects (Consortium Holdings), the company behind the mysterious undertaking, so, I have a few hints for you. 

One can’t help but wonder what lies beneath the beautiful wrapping and grand bows of a much-anticipated present. The absolute joy of a gift comes in not knowing; anticipation is everything. Don’t look to me to ruin the surprise regarding La Avenida, but I will tell you this… 

The Cafe Bar at the yet be named CH Project in Coronado.

…the name of the project is not Dream Boat (as was reported in another publication), the name will remain a surprise.  On the hotel side, there will be 32 bespoke rooms and a reimagined pool. Hungry for more? There is new construction in the form of a restaurant.  

The Greek/Mediterranean Brasserie evokes a grotto vibe.

The restaurant will be a Greek/Mediterranean Brasserie with a full bar featuring a cocktail menu only CH Projects can offer. In addition, there will be a reservation-only “Oyster and Champagne” bar. What might that look like? Head over to the oyster bar at Ironside and order a dozen on the half shell and a glass of Veuve. Close your eyes and then picture that Nigel from Spinal Tap has taken that experience up to 11. 

If you want to enjoy oysters and champagne in this room you will need a reservation.

You won’t have to worry about parking if you live in town. We will have a bike rack but also offer a valet service for those who bring their whip. What is the name of this restaurant nestled in the soon-to-be lush jungle setting? The name will be on the card attached to the present. You can read that when we rip it open for you! 

Cocktails anyone? CH Projects sling the best drinks in the city and soon you will be able to enjoy one right in your own back yard.

If you want to know what all this will look and feel like, visit a few of the magical spaces in the Consortium universe right in our backyard.  

CH Projects serves up some of the best hospitality in San Diego, and they are just over the bridge. There are five restaurants in Little Italy alone. Let’s start there.

Craft & Commerce is one of my favorites. Chef Joel is an alchemist in the kitchen, and the bar team serves world-class craft cocktails with panache. Want a little whimsy after dinner? False Idol is a speakeasy in the form of a Tiki bar hidden in a tropical cavern on the property. The glassware and punch bowl cocktails give you a heady Trader Vic vibe. 

Up the street, you can slurp down oysters at Ironside in a space that feels like the interior of a vintage cruise ship, complete with a giant squid coming out of the wall. Grab some chowder fries while you’re there, trust me!

Experience Morning Glory’s funky breakfast and restaurant crew, or dine at the hippest steak house in the 619 at Born and Raised. Ramen noodles and Japanese whiskey, we have that too, at Underbelly.

Do you like amari? Let’s head over to the East Village; J & Tony’s Discount Cured Meats and Negroni Warehouse on 9th Ave has one of the best selections in town. A few blocks away is where it all began for Consortium. Pay a visit to my man Frank at Neighborhood for one of the most eclectic menus in town. Want to level up? If you know who to ask, there are two speakeasies on the property: Youngblood and Noble Experiment.

Need more? Head bayside, the view of Coronado from Seneca Trattoria on the 19th floor of the InterContinental is the best in the city—the sunsets are surpassed only by the delights coming off the wood-fired grill. Pro-tip: order the prawns swimming in a delightful Bagna Càuda sauce. 

There is time to prepare by experiencing some of these CH Projects before La Avenida’s grand opening on June 24th. And these are only a few fun rides on the CH hospitality playground. Some are a bit further out but worth a drive over the bridge. 

Are you genuinely interested in what this local dynasty might do to La Avenida? Visit my new stomping grounds at the Lafayette Hotel and Club in North Park and see what we can do with an old hotel. 

You will find me in the middle of all the grandeur, running Beginner’s Diner and the show-stopping pool, complete with a bar whose cocktails help conjure up Italian Riviera vibes. Come by and enjoy some of Chef Ted’s truly elevated diner food anytime, 24/7, or take a dip in the pool and try to picture what we have in store for Coronado. I hope to see you at the party. 


Clyde Van Arsdall
Clyde Van Arsdallhttps://oliveavenuesupperclub.com/
Clyde is a trained chef that has worked in hospitality for nearly 40 years. In addition to cooking, he is a freelance food writer and storyteller. Currently he works for CH Projects managing the pool and Beginner's Diner at the Lafayette Hotel. Clyde is a third-generation Coronado local, CHS graduate, and father of three. He also owns and operates Olive Avenue Supper Club, a boutique catering company specializing in culinary experiences. You can follow his culinary journey on Instagram @oliveavenuesuppper and read all his stories at www.oliveavenuesupper.comHave a story for The Coronado Times to cover? Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected]

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