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Two Coronado Friends Take Creative Costume Pairs to the Next Level (2023 Costumes Revealed)

Update 10/31/2023. This year’s reveal:

Watch a fun 2023 video here

Ten years ago, two Coronado friends decided to coordinate their Halloween costumes. Heather White and Condra Mullins originally just wanted it to be fun and funny, but over the years they’ve decided to incorporate their height difference as well – Heather is almost six feet tall and Condra is five feet tall. They never felt the need to be “cute,” and they most often end up dressing as men. No matter the costume, they always receive lots of laughs and requests for photos.

The two friends keep a shared note on their phones with ideas for upcoming Halloweens and add to it throughout the year. They say that people love to give them suggestions, although they’ve not yet used one. Until Halloween they also never tell anyone the plan; it’s always a surprise to even their families and closest friends.

2019 Dr. Evil and Mini Me

When asked which costume was their favorite, each chose differently. Condra shared that Dr. Evil and Mini Me (from Austin Powers) was her favorite. She thought it was the biggest transformation from their normal look and it took the most work to accomplish. Also, they loved being ‘bald.’ Heather said her favorite duo was Axl and Slash (from Guns N’ Roses). She loved having a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and said that Slash’s hair is very similar to her own natural hair. Heather also said that the best part of dressing up is being in character, and playing Axl and Slash was very fun!

2016 Axl and Slash

From Running Partners to Best Friends, Travel Buddies, and Costume Geniuses

The two friends first met in 2006. Condra had initially moved to Coronado when her husband Joe was in the Navy from 1998 to 2002; and then they moved back after he completed his orthodontics degree in 2005 to start his Mullins Orthodontics practice. In 2006, Heather moved to Coronado, also because of the Navy. Their young children at the time were in Little Rascals Soccer and Island Tumble together. They got to talking and realized they both had dreams of running a marathon (they’ve since conquered that dream). So the first time they hung out was at 5 am to start running together. Both remembered that it was very dark, and although they barely knew each other, they became fast friends. The Whites left for a stint in Japan but moved back to Coronado in 2012. From running partners (“running is cheaper than therapy”) and their kids becoming close friends as well, to this day where they remain the best of friends, and travel buddies too!

Although they’d always tried to spend Halloween together, 2014 was the first year they started dressing as a duo. And 2023 marks the 10th year of their well-planned and executed costume pairs. Here’s a look at the costumes over the past nine years. You’ll have to wait to see this year’s until they unveil it on Tuesday.


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