Wednesday, December 6, 2023

City Council Votes to Waive Fees for Solar, EV Charging Permits

Photo by Raze Solar

In effort to incentivize green energy, Coronado will waive permitting fees for residents installing rooftop solar panels, home battery systems, solar hot water heaters, and electric vehicle charging stations.

The move was decided unanimously at the Coronado City Council’s Oct. 3 meeting.

City staff estimates the fee waivers will cost the city about $74,500 annually in lost permit fees, but it aligns with the city’s Climate Action Implementation Plan, which was passed in June. Additionally, the state requires that municipalities incentivize residents to switch to green energy.

“This will be very helpful, I think, to encourage people to (switch) by waiving these fees,” councilmember Carrie Downey said.

Currently, the city charges $450 for a permit for a rooftop solar panel, $400 for an electric vehicle charging station, $375 for a home battery system, and $300 for a solar water heater. The city issues 140 rooftop solar permits annually, but just one for solar water heaters.

At the brief meeting Tuesday, the council also approved Mills Act agreements for five Coronado residents seeking historical designation. California’s Mills Act Program incentivizes preservation of privately owned historical properties.

Owning a Mills Act-designated historical home carries the burden of maintaining its architectural integrity (and, for some homes, restoring it to its original characteristics), but it also comes with a property tax reduction.

A sixth property was up for approval, but council opted to push it to a future meeting in order to review last-minute, written comments received on the matter.


Megan Kitt
Megan Kitt
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