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Info on Pending Assembly Bills: In Defense of Teachers

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Submitted by Carolyn Rogerson


The Coronado Times report on the March 9, 2023 CUSD Trustee meeting mentioned I addressed three bills pending in the CA State Assembly. I titled my address, “In Defense of Teachers.” That title and the three proposed bills AB-659, AB-1078 and AB-223 were not included by the report writer, an unfortunate omission. These bills are designed to interfere with the parent/guardian and child relationship and chipping away local control. Voters should be alerted to these pending bills, not kept in the dark.

For clarification, AB-659, misleadingly labeled “Cancer Prevention Act”, would become a law requiring the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine be placed on the list of required vaccinations to attend any public, private school, child care center, day nursery, family daycare home or development center. The bill has recently been amended to stipulate exemptions allowed for both medical and personal beliefs. (AB-659,)SEC5. Section 120338)

As described by the Mayo Clinic, the Human Papillomavirus is contracted thru sexual intercourse and skin to skin contact. It can cause cancer in both men and women if the warts are not promptly treated. Mayo Clinic does not recommend administering the vaccine, known as Gardasil, for male or female children under the age of NINE. Please research for yourself. Perhaps you, like me wonder why pre-school up to 5th grade children need protection against a sexually transmitted infection. Yes, I am well aware adult pedophiles prey on young children. AB-659 introduced by Democrat Assembly Member Aguiar-Curry, was coauthored by Democrat Senator Scott Weiner. Also listed as coauthors are Democrat Assembly Members Wendy Carrillo, Friedman, Kalra, Ortega, Papan and Blanca Rubio. If this passes parents, guardians and school districts lose all local control to the State.

CA AB-1078 introduced by Democrat Assembly Member Corey A. Jackson, DSW, MSW,  AB-1078 prohibits local school districts from banning curriculum, instructional material, or textbooks without State Board of Education approval. AB-1078 effectively removes all local input or control from parents, guardians and the Coronado Unified School District, among others, in favor of State mandates. Would school textbooks still be reviewed by teachers, administrators, parents or the school board for content? Another pending decision to eliminate all local and parental control.

CA AB-223, Change of Gender and Sex Identifier, was introduced by San Diego Democrat Assembly Member Chris Ward, and its principal coauthor: Coronado representative Democrat Senate Member Toni Atkins. The bill would require any petition for a change of gender and sex identifier (name) or a petition for change of gender, sex identifier, and name filed by a person UNDER 18 years of age, and any papers associated with the proceeding, be filed under seal.

AB223 is coauthored by Democrat Senators Scott Weiner, John Laird and Susan Eggman. Also Democrat Assembly Members Alex Lee and Evan Low.

It is accepted science that a human being’s brain is not fully developed until their early twenties. Democrat District Attorneys and Defense Attorneys argue that a minor aged person is not capable of understanding the ramifications of violent crimes they commit, including premeditated murder, because of their under-developed brains. Therefore they cannot be tried as adults or held for high bail, even if they are repeat offenders. How is it logical that these same democrats think a child over age 12 is capable of making unalterable life, health and body change decisions. Hormones and puberty blockers are not without negative side effects. Surgeries removing gender identifying body parts may have life-long negative side effects. Persons who have undergone these procedures have come forward to state many reasons why they regret permanent transgender procedures.

Other CA State laws have been passed preventing teachers from informing parents of emotional, physical and mental distress their child is exhibiting in school. Teachers will tell you it is the law. If they defy the law, they will be fired and their teacher unions will not come to their defense. The teachers unions are the most monied, powerful lobbyists in Sacramento. Teachers Unions support the Democrats seeking state office and keeping them in office. The majority Democrats in State government and teachers unions are complicit in gagging our teachers. A teacher is gagged from even saying they disagree with these laws. Time to return our teachers voices and integrity.

Carolyn Rogerson

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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