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Ms. Mariah’s Music Offering In-Home Piano, Voice, and Guitar Lessons This Summer

Ms. Mariah’s Music Spring Recitals 2022 – 1 of 4 Performances held at Emerald C Gallery

Last weekend, about 60 Coronado students participated in a Spring Music Recital at Emerald C Gallery. Performances were held at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm.

Mariah Gillespie, founder of Ms. Mariah’s Music, opened the music school in 2015, ditching the corporate world of Qualcomm to pursue her passions in music education. As a pianist and harpist, Mariah served as the Arts Education Commissioner for the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, and also served as Chair of the Music Committee for the Coronado Rotary Club. She has since grown the music school to include voice, guitar, and even percussion lessons.

The “little blue house,” located at 505 Orange Avenue, was home base for Ms. Mariah’s Music until October 2021, when it closed its doors after the owner decided to tear it down. So now, the teacher comes to you!

505 Orange Ave, formerly known as Ms. Mariah’s Music

The music school has students ranging from age three to 83, with weekly 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons. Eight teachers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences travel to students’ homes, and there are plenty of performance opportunities through Coronado’s Public Piano Program, music recitals, talent shows, state competitions, Piano Pizza Parties, and more. Zoom lessons are also available.

Did you know that playing music has more positive impact on the brain than any other human activity? Exposure to music and music instruction accelerates the brain development of young children in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading skill and speech perception. Musicians use different parts of their brains, more of their brains and more parts of their brains simultaneously to complete tasks.

So what do you have to lose? The first lesson is free!

Contact: Mariah Gillespie
[email protected]

Ms. Mariah and her students sponsor Coronado’s Talent winner Bobby Latona in 2019

Congratulations to all students that performed in the Spring Music Recitals!

Alexandria Malo
Aly Arevalo
Aniella Orgill
Ashlyn Viani
Athena Carey
Atticus and Oliver Farrier
Beth Hayes
Edie Alicandri
Ella Holman
Ellie, Katie, and Abby King
Evre Atrim
Grace and Alice Dalton
Gwenevere Smith
Henry Monroe
Jack and Hendrix Deaver
Jack Cahoon
Jadon Foy
Jake and Isabel Emme
Kai, Brady, and Eva Gardner
Keira Sardiello
Lumen and Jack DiBiase
Madden Pederziani-Cole
Maddie Sepahdari
Maddox and Lincoln Preston
Madelyn and Dane McFadden
Molly Iwashita
Natalie Barnett
Oliver Surdykowski
Reagan Tsengn
Russ and Rhett Richardson
Sidney, Florence, and Macsen Fox
Sofia Anaya
Sofia and Isabelle Cattaneo
Sydney Skye McRae
Tidyn Zuloaga
Tommy Herrick
Trey Canete
Vera and Josephine Dao
Whitney Kerns

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