Thursday, December 2, 2021

Coronado Rotary Welcomes Members In-Person and Via Zoom in First Hybrid Meeting

Rotarians meet in-person for the first time in 14 months.

The Rotary Club of Coronado had its first hybrid meeting on Wednesday, May 12 at the Coronado Yacht Club. About 40 members attended in-person and about 60 attended via Zoom. Through the technology we have, everyone was able to participate fully! Everyone enjoyed seeing each other in person after 14 months! We are fortunate to have a very skilled web/Zoom master, Ray Karno, who oversees the technical aspects of each meeting. We are also inspired by Club President Robin MacCartee, known as our Pandemic President since he has presided over the Club’s meetings throughout most of the pandemic.  

In the future, the Club plans on using the Zoom technology to bring speakers in from remote locations and increase attendance by those members who can’t get away for a luncheon meeting.

President Robin MacCartee presides over Coronado Rotary Hybrid meeting.  Those attending via Zoom appear on the screen.


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