Saturday, September 18, 2021

Casey Tanaka Announces Candidacy for City Council

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Submitted by Casey Tanaka

From March through to the present, I have gone into my classroom on most every weekday to stay sharp on future history lessons and projects. I have had lots of time to think and reflect, and to think and reflect some more. Concurrently, our City has faced some truly extraordinary challenges with regard to the making of public policy and in the managing of its finances in the face of losing most of our hotel tax revenue. While other people bleed red blood, I exclusively bleed green, white, and gold blood. I want to jump off of the sidelines and help our citizens to problem solve and to move forward in the midst of these challenges. I do not claim to have a bunch of novel answers, but I know a great deal about this City, its people, and its past.

Casey Tanaka
Casey Tanaka

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Therefore, with excitement and a little bit of anxiety, I am ready to announce that I will be a candidate for the Coronado City Council. I am running for the Council because I want to be there to help people to find solutions to their problems. I am not running for Mayor because I think I should go back to the end of the line and work my way back up to that spot when the time is right. I am ready to go to work for you and look forward to having the chance to serve you once again, if you will have me.

Casey Tanaka

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