The Pros and Cons to Living on the Silver Strand…is it Strandworthy?

Coronado has much to offer whether you live in the Village, Silver Strand, or Coronado Cays. Regardless of which area we call home, how lucky are we to live in the beautiful Crown City?

Silver Strand housing entrance.

If you don’t live in Silver Strand Housing or the Coronado Cays, have you ever thought about what it might be like to live on the Coronado Strand? While there are many pros, there are also cons.

    1. One of the obvious perks of living down on the Strand is beach and bayside living. Some of the houses that back up to the bay practically open up their back doors to the sand. On the other side of the neighborhood, some people are lucky enough to have a stunning view of Point Loma and the Pacific Ocean. Also, they have access to the beach just across the street.

      A beautiful view of a sunset from the backyard.
    2. Another benefit of living in Silver Strand Housing is that private security, military police and the Coronado police are constantly roaming the area making sure that the community is safe.
    3. Within Silver Strand Housing there is an elementary school.
      Silver Strand Elementary School

      Silver Strand Elementary School makes it very convenient for families down on the strand, and even in the Coronado Cays, to drop their little ones off at school everyday. It takes away the sometimes timely commute into the Village.

    4. Connected to Silver Strand Housing is Fiddler’s Cove. Fiddler’s Cove is an RV park with a mini mart nearby.The mini mart comes in handy when you find yourself in need of random, last minute items. The RV park is for active duty, or retired military members only, and has camp sites that are right on the bay.

      Fiddler’s Cove RV Park
    5. One thing that many people might not know, is that Fiddler’s Cove is also a marina. Reserved for military active duty/retired members, the Fiddler’s Cove Marina happens to be home to many Coronado families.

Those are five things that sound great. There are also a few not so great things about living down on the Strand.

  1. One of the main issues with living down the Strand is the traffic. The military bases nearby and the personnel that commute cause most of the back up in the mornings. Whether you are trying to get to work, or are a parent trying to drive your child to school, you usually have to account for the extra time it will take due to traffic.
  2. Living in the Village comes with the benefit of being biking/walking distance from pretty much anywhere on island (north of the Strand). However, one of the downfalls of living on the Strand is that it takes away the convenience of being able to hop on your bike or head out on a short walk into town.
  3. A problem that some high school students living on the Strand face is that there is no school bus offered to them. While there is the option of the city bus, not all parents feel comfortable with their child taking it. This leaves the students to rely on their parents or a carpool to get to school.
  4. Living on the Strand exposes you to loud noises that come with being right next to the highway, especially for the houses that face the street. This includes loud motorcycles, sirens, horns, etc.
  5. Similar to the noises from the highway, residents also regularly hear “training” gunfire, airplanes, and helicopters. The neighborhood lies right in the middle of the flight path, and right next to the beach where the Navy does training. To some this might be alarming, however to many others it is the sound of freedom and just a part of living there.

Coronado has much to offer whether you live in the Village, Silver Strand, or Coronado Cays. Regardless of which area we call home, how lucky are we to live in the beautiful Crown City?


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Cadence Palmer
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