Len Kaine Receives Golden Rule Society Week Proclamation for July 4-10 and Fourth Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Coronado resident Len Kaine has received a well deserved fourth Nobel Peace Prize nomination and is the founder and president of the Golden Rule Society.

With the presentation of a proclamation by Mayor Richard Bailey, the week of July 4-10 has been designated as “Golden Rule Society Week.” The proclamation was presented to founder and president of the Golden Rule Society, Coronado resident, Retired-Navy Captain Len Kaine. In addition to raising money for charitable organizations, GRS strives to impart its philosophy, which is simple…

“To better the lives of others is your life’s greatest reward…which makes the rest of your life the best of your life.”

Richard Bailey, Len Kaine
Mayor Bailey presenting Len Kaine with a Proclamation saying the week of July 4 through July 10, 2018 as “Golden Rule Society Week.”

In 1972 Kaine established the Golden Rule Society, a 501c3 charity helping children, which all got started because of two electric razors that resulted in the “High-Flying-Horse-Trader’s-Swap-Shop-in-the-Sky”™ which raised close to $25,000 (in 1972 dollars) that was donated to POW/MIA charities. It’s been over 45 years and impossible to know how many tens of thousands of dollars have been raised by various nonprofit organizations with the guidance and direction of GRS. Suffice to say, the goal of GRS and founder, President Len Kaine, in making the world a better place and helping children be successful in life continues to have the impact it for which it was established.

Len Kaine, Golden Rule SocietyKaine and his wife Anne have been residents of Coronado since 1969 when they purchased a Spanish style home on Alameda where they raised their four children, two sons and twin girls, during which time Kaine was a naval aviator. He spent just over 25 years serving our country in the Navy as a pilot, an instructor, and author of the tactile primer guide for the TopGun School. He taught pilots how to stay alive during combat and led a few of the squadrons that never lost a plane. During his career as a naval aviator, he flew 23 different types of planes, and in the same year was named EC Top Gun, All-Navy Top Gun and led the #1 fighter crusader squadron in the Navy with over 100 combat missions. He has two Distinguished Flying Crosses, seven combat Air Medals plus a number of other Navy awards to his credit. He tells me though, that the award he is most proud of is the “Enlisted Retention Award” where as a leader his sailors liked being in the Navy.

In 1979, at 42 years old, he was the youngest officer promoted to Captain; the following year he was offered a promotion to 2 star rear admiral which he chose to decline. He explained to me that he had three close friends, aviators, who had sons that committed suicide. He couldn’t help but think his absence from home in a higher position might negatively impact his children. That was not a risk he was willing to take even after having been in combat in Vietnam with the USS Enterprise.

After his retirement from the Navy, Kaine became a commercial pilot with PSA until they retired him at the age of 60. He then became a realtor, broker, and owner of Strand Crown Realty and part owner of Realty Pilot. In addition to his remarkable professional career and his philanthropy, Len Kaine is a four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, most recently for 2018. It is always an honor to meet and talk with people like Len who are truly walking the walk of making the world a better place. During our interview, Kaine asked me if it would be okay to give my daughter a gift.

He pinned her with Golden Rule Society Wings and gifted her with a personal note and reminder that her GRS wings are a constant reminder to always “Have Faith, Hope, and Courage.” He also gave her a Golden Dollar, aka Lucky Buck, an “Action Plan For Living.” It was a moment where we were reminded of the power and positivity of role models, in this case, one we can call a neighbor. For more information about how you can make a difference with GRS, visit their website at www.goldrenrulesociety.org.


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