UPS Gets a Remodel, Fair Trade Home Decor to Open Next Door

UPS Store remodel
The interior of Coronado’s UPS store on Sunday morning, in the first stages of remodel.

A number of residents noticed over the weekend that the UPS store seemed to be undergoing a radical transformation. Dry wall was removed, debris was strewn about, wires were hanging from the ceiling and it appeared as though a wall was going up – right down the middle of the shop.

Coronado UPS remodel

Not to fear, UPS Manager, Derik Mundt, assured The Coronado Times that the store was merely shrinking to its most usable size and giving up some excess space to a new shop – but not giving up any of its services.

Coronado UPS storeMundt, who has managed the Coronado UPS store for the last ten years said that the store typically serves between 120 – 200 customers per day, and the remodel will not affect that. In his words: “It won’t affect our business in any way, shape, or form.” According to Mundt, the space that UPS is giving up really hasn’t been used in the last 12 years or so.

That’s all good news for Coronado because a new, locally-owned shop will be opened in the space. The store is called Fair Trade Home Décor and is owned by Elizabeth Paganelli. This will be a sister store of the one that Paganelli owns in Del Mar. Like the store in Del Mar, this one will feature home décor made by artisans in developing countries. Paganelli said that she is a member of the Fair Trade Federation which works to ensure that the products she sells are made by artisans who are fairly paid and treated. According to its website, The Fair Trade Federation “work[s] with small farmers and artisans in partnerships built on trust. It means good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and more.”

The shop will carry home goods, such as blankets and dishes, for instance. But, Paganelli said, “We also sell jewelry, scarves, and many other accessories in the store.

Paganelli had originally planned for a November opening, but the timing has been delayed for various reasons. She said, “I’d love it to be December 1, but probably December 9th is more realistic.” The plan is to be open for Christmas shopping.

This could make for a great combination – you can purchase Christmas gifts at Fair Trade Home Décor and then take them over to UPS, which, Mundt said, will be offering free 12 x 12 boxes during the Christmas season for those mailing through UPS.

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