Thursday, December 2, 2021

Why You Should Get Your Solar Panels Installed Before Summer

Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s about to be rush time for solar companies here in San Diego.  As temperatures heat up, more and more homeowners will be turning on their air conditioning and will be looking for solar to lower their power bills.  That’s why homeowners who are looking to get the most value out of their solar system should look into going solar before the summer hits, as when the demand goes up, installation times will get longer, which means you will be needlessly paying for power longer.

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The average solar panel installation time in the off season can be around two months depending on the company.  In the summer these times increase as the demand for solar goes up, so some installations can take up to three months.  Many homeowners who decide to get solar mid-summer may completely miss the opportunity for savings on power during the summer months, as the installation may not be complete until the end of the season.  So to ensure maximum savings, homeowners will want to be installed before the heat hits so their installation happens as quickly as possible.

For homeowners interested in getting installed before summer, Stellar Solar is offering a unique program that ensures homeowners will get their system installed in one month.  The Stellar Solar Fast Track Program, as it’s called, promises that homeowners who sign up for solar in April will have their system installed in May, before the summer rush.  This ensures maximum savings over the summer while utilizing your air conditioning, and quick installation times.

So for homeowners looking to go solar this year, there are many benefits to getting installed early.  A maximizing of savings, plus the assurance of a quick installation time, are enough to justify biting the bullet and going solar as soon as possible.  Stellar Solar can get your installation up in a month with their Fast Track Program, so check us out if you’re interested in maximizing your solar savings this year at:

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