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Local Design Team Brings Expertise & Elegance to Local Builders and Clients

From left: Beth Delano and Missy Bartenstein
From left: Beth Delano and Missy Bartenstein of locally-owned Shipshape Interiors

What do you get when you hire two talented women that have business acumen and a flair for brilliant design? Look no further than locally-owned Shipshape Interiors. Their clients include local builder Flagg Coastal Homes, as well as other Coronado builders, and homeowners who are desiring to update their home with a high-end look. Shipshape Interiors is a design/build consulting firm that works primarily in beach communities and many of their designs incorporate a coastal/traditional style.

How did Shipshape Interiors come to be? Shortly after she moved to Coronado, Missy Bartenstein was introduced to Beth Delano and the two became fast friends. Beth had already founded Shipshape Interiors when a couple of years ago, Missy remarked to Beth that she needed an assistant to help her juggle her busy workload. Beth had an answer for that – she proposed that Missy join her at Shipshape. Before embarking on their joint business adventure, both women talked about the importance of their friendship and decided that if the business was not working in a way they liked, they would walk away from it.

Large, highly functional kitchen space that overlooks the backyard & living room
A current project includes a large, highly functional kitchen space that overlooks the backyard & living room

While both studied design in college, their primary emphasis was business-related with Beth focusing on finance and Missy concentrating on accounting. Beth has been a licensed realtor for over twenty-five years but her attention has been on construction lending in Coronado. When the economy changed, the company she was working with needed her services in a different way. She became part of the build-out process, which was when she got to flex her creative muscles.

Calling their partnership “the perfect fit,” both women are sensitive to commitments outside the firm including Missy’s dedication to her children and Beth’s real estate work. Flexibility is an important part of their working relationship. You can see the camaraderie between them as they easily finish each other’s sentences and laugh a whole lot during our conversation. Beth playfully calls Missy “the sensible one,” and they both agree that what many clients value is a perspective from two people who have complementary tastes and ideas.

Comfortable & airy great room just off the kitchen
Comfortable & airy great room just off the kitchen

Both women see the design process as a collaborative effort and value feedback from their clients. When clients are uncertain as to the type of design they like, Missy and Beth look for clues in the client’s home and listen carefully to their likes and dislikes. The two are also cognizant of budget constraints and choose pieces that will work well while not breaking the bank. Another important consideration is the client’s or potential client’s lifestyle. Do they have kids? Grandkids? Do they own pets? Are they looking for a pristine look and aren’t concerned with the durability of fabrics? Do they want a home that can withstand play dates and sleepovers?

Missy & Beth's attention to detail shows in this unique mirror
Missy & Beth’s attention to detail shows in this unique mirror

When I comment that it is interesting that they both come from business backgrounds, Missy states, “I think the business background…you have to have it to be successful because there are so many areas that require organization, accounting, and attention to detail.” Beth agrees, “You can’t just be, ‘Oh, I have a great design sense.’”

Both came to Coronado because of their husband’s work. Beth moved to Coronado about sixteen years ago when her husband, a Marine Corps pilot, was transferred here. As for Missy, her husband’s job in finance brought her and her family here eight years ago.

When asked what they like most about their business, Beth answers, “I like working with the clients…and that every job is different so it’s never boring, ever.” Missy sometimes prefers the business side of their work, gladly letting Beth attend design shows.

Signature bunk beds that sleep six
Sleepover surprise: signature bunk beds that sleep six

I was lucky enough to interview Missy and Beth in a home that they are just putting the finishing touches on, located on the 700 block of Tolita Avenue. With their expert direction, the home is airy, filled with natural light, and traditional and contemporary touches are abundant. It’s the kind of space which is well-suited for entertaining a large group to relaxing in the comfortable great room. Missy and Beth’s touch is everywhere – from the hardware, to the lighting, to the color on the wall, and the floor beneath our feet. Each piece of furniture and accent pieces are carefully chosen to complement each other. The home feels fresh, comforting, unique, luxurious, and polished.

With their strong backgrounds in finance and accounting and their talent for choosing all the right elements for a home, Beth and Missy have made their mark in designing some of Coronado’s most beautiful homes.

You can contact Shipshape Interiors at (619) 339-2640.

Lamarshell Karnas
Lamarshell Karnas
Lamarshell joined the team as a reporter in December 2015. She and her family moved to Coronado from Tucson, Arizona in the summer of 2013. She loves the small-town atmosphere here and likes that the community is both diverse and actively engaged. Lamarshell received her B.A. from the University of Arizona in Interdisciplinary Studies (History, Psychology & Communication) and has worked as an events manager for a non-profit organization. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Film Studies with plans to teach and write. She is passionate about watching, writing, and musing about film and feels like she never has enough time to read. In her spare time, she can usually be found doing creative DIY projects around the house, acting as her kids' chauffeur, discussing career paths with her college-age child, and walking her dog, Lola.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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