Saturday, January 16, 2021

Community Voices: Join Me in Voting Yes on Prop E

It is my understanding that when we pay our property tax bill, there is no relationship between the assessed value of our home and how much money goes to our local school district. Currently all of the money goes to Sacramento, and is divided among districts across California as those in Sacramento see fit. The recent state funding formula is devastating to Coronado schools! The result of this is a situation where Coronado Unified will be required to cut vital programs and further increase class sizes. We just can’t let this happen. The future lies in our children and they need to be fully equipped to be competitive as they move forward to colleges and careers. They will be our next leaders.

My husband and I moved our family to Coronado from the SDUSD due to the excellent schools. We were looking for academic excellence as well as the availability of an excellent arts program such as CoSA. We wanted our children to have all of that in the community where they lived and had friends. We are so happy to have found it here. I know I certainly don’t want an “average school”, or else we wouldn’t have moved in the first place. I understand that people are concerned about increasing taxes. Me too! I don’t want to spend more either, but I don’t see another option. We have come to love Nado and it is home! I want the best for my children and all Coronado students. Proposition E on our ballot this June will set up protected funds that stay local right here in Coronado and spending will be monitored by an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee. Excellent schools contribute to excellent communities and increased property values. Please do your homework and find out about this bond.

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Don’t let other people’s opinions, including mine, determine how you will vote. I believe when you do that you will join me in voting Yes on Prop E!


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Lorrie Blore

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