Community Voices: Where do you want to be smoke-free in Coronado? Come to the City Workshop on June 27


Have you heard the buzz? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat, walk, bike and run in Coronado without secondhand smoke polluting your air?

The City will hold a workshop to hear what areas you think should be smoke-free on Thursday 6/27 at 6 pm. The workshop will be in Council Chambers at City Hall at 1825 Strand Way and everybody will have time to speak.

Do you want to protect your grandkids or other family members from secondhand smoke? Come and tell the City on Thursday evening. You have a chance to make Coronado healthier by identifying areas that you want to be smoke-free!

P.S. Below please find the list of possible places that could be made smoke-free. I’d like’em all. You?

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