Dining: An All Island Affair at Leroy’s in Coronado

After reading Naomi Wise’s assessment of Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado, I agree that it’s just what the island needed. I read my Reader colleague’s dining review mere seconds after exiting the new Orange Avenue eatery. I was there to check out their first ever beer dinner, a five-course affair that brought together fellow Islanders, David Spatafore, and Shawn DeWitt. The former is the owner of Leroy’s while the latter is the director of brewery operations for Coronado Brewing Company. Both were on hand for a nearly three-hour event that showcased the best of what both businesses can do.

The menu was built the way any beer dinner bill should be devised — with the chef tasting the individual brews and building dishes around them.

Read the entire San Diego Reader article here.

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