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Please Support Renee Cavanaugh, Alexia Palacios-Peters, Stephanie Anderson, and Mal Sandie

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Submitted by Katy Roberson

As a longtime educator, former 3-term CUSD School Board Member, as well as a lifelong Coronadan who has attended kindergarten through high school in CUSD, as have my three children, I have grave concerns about the upcoming election, and candidates who espouse parent “control” as opposed to parent “involvement,” and may dismantle the school system of which we are all so very proud. These candidates also place their emphasis on “academics first,” while any educator, parent, guardian, or student knows that we must address the issues of the whole child, regardless of ability, ethnicity, sexual preference, or career aspirations. While “academics first” sounds good and reasonable, alone, it stymies progress and challenges the rule of law. We can’t have board members govern as ideologues – rejecting state law and using our schools to wage culture wars against Sacramento. Do not vote to waste our taxpayer dollars by refusing to follow the law and exposing CUSD to legal and financial liability.

I have both researched and met with the four candidates I recommend, as well as attended two forums, and streamed another before deciding my vote, and do hope you will consider my input and vote accordingly for the following candidates: Alexia Palacios-Peters, Stephanie Anderson, Mal Sandie, and Renee Cavanaugh.

These candidates, in my opinion, are running for the right reasons – to build on a solid foundation and make improvements where needed. Can we improve parent involvement? Sure! Can we increase transparency? Sure! Can we enrich and expand our academics? Sure! But let’s elect candidates who have no particular axe to grind, and will work collaboratively to move our district forward in the best interests of our students, parents, and community. Let’s trust them to spend our tax dollars on math, science, technology, art and music, air conditioning, security, or teacher salaries! We have had enough of divisive and angry rhetoric. It’s time to move on in a positive manner so that our District will continue to be held in high esteem, and our students will receive the best and most complete education possible.

Please vote for Alexia Palacios-Peters, Stephanie Anderson, Mal Sandie and Renee Cavanaugh!

Katy Roberson





Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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