Thursday, December 8, 2022

Kory Kavanewsky Acts of Kindness Scholarship 2022


Image: Kory Kavanewsky at CMG Mortgage, Inc. Facebook page

Congratulations to Isabeau Jones of Coronado High School, for being awarded the 2022 Kory Kavanewsky Acts of Kindness Scholarship. She is a stellar student, but beyond that is kind young woman with a good heart and strong values. The Kavanewsky Team at CMG Mortgage wishes you and the entire class of 2022 the very best with your next endeavors.

The recipient of this award is a student who has demonstrated that they embrace the vision of a kinder world and have demonstrated this commitment by making a difference through not only their actions, but by being who they are. This student inspires others by embracing this core value into their everyday life through intentional acts of kindness, contributing to actions that promote positive problem-solving and being an inspiration to others. It is our hope that with the recognition of this student’s positive attitude and kind actions they will continue on the trajectory of kindness as a core value and/or become involved in similar initiatives through their post-secondary years and into adult life.

Congratulations Isabeau!

CHS alum, Kory Kavanewsky of CMG Mortgage, in 2018 introduced the Kory Kavanewsky Acts of Kindness Scholarship.

In the world of scholarships and acknowledgments, it is customary to see the majority of monetary awards given to students for academic and athletic achievements. The criteria for the award set by Kavanewsky is to recognize an exceptional high school graduating senior, inspired by the vision of a kinder world and committed to making a difference through random acts of kindness or involving themselves in initiatives that promote kindness.