Monday, September 27, 2021

Not Normal Behavior of Mature Caring Adults

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Submitted by Patricia Flores-Charter

Regrettably I am writing about the abominable behavior of some adults at the Thursday, August 19 Coronado School Board Meeting. The adults screaming and yelling disrupted both Public Comment as well as board members’ attempts to speak and calm attendees. One high school student trying to speak was brought to tears. The board president and police person present did not protect that student or gain order for what was an extended period of time.

What hurts my heart is the trauma this behavior caused both students and other attendees. Why would a student or rational adult attend a future meeting? I don’t understand how this behavior was allowed to happen and continue. What kind of adult role model was this for students and young people in attendance?

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As a faculty emeritus from Southwestern College I can share that our board and chief of police created standards of behavior with college leadership that were publicized via agendas and read at the beginnings of meetings. Those included temporary removal of disruptive individuals with the opportunity for them to return once they had control of themselves. In my 20 years attending board meetings no one was ever removed. There was respect for differing positions made.

Lastly, a sitting board member made a political election announcement encouraging a “Yes” vote in the recall. This is an abuse of power by an elected official. Again, what did the students present learn from this behavior? Intervention is needed now to get meetings under control and standards for board member behavior also made clear to the public.

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I’m offering my sincere apology to that student made to cry and any others present for this behavior. Please know that what you experienced is not the normal behavior of mature caring adults who are willing to have difficult conversations with grace and civility with their fellow humans.

Patricia Flores-Charter

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