Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Stocking of Hope from Emerald Keepers

One of the most memorable Christmas traditions in my family growing up was blowing wishes into our Christmas stockings before hanging them for Santa. I can still visualize my nine-year old self awash in the golden glow of the Christmas tree, breathing in deeply and gently blowing wishes for goodwill toward all. I wished for the world to be a better place. In that gentle, slow exhale, my younger self sent prayers for people all around the world to be at peace, to have good food to eat, and to find happiness and love.

To this day I can conjure up the intensity with which I wished with all my heart for peace and my father’s safe return as he served in Vietnam — over 8,000 miles away in a war brought into every household on the nightly news. The weight of the world seemed to press down on my small shoulders… and yet was somehow lightened… in that one gentle exhale full of Christmas wishes.

This holiday season, Emerald Keepers’ hope is that everyone will seek goodness and kindness and send their positive energy into the world. And heed a call to action. Volunteer, plant a flower, pick up trash along your block, share a meal with someone in need—thousands of ways to turn positive energy into action. Our wish for Coronado is a simple but challenging one: to become a model for other cities by embracing sustainable practices and reducing our carbon footprint… starting today.

Can we not—should we not—come together and act in ways that ensure our children’s children will be able to enjoy our beloved beach community? And in doing so, will we not teach our children—and remind our older selves—that we can… and must be the change we wish to see in the world?

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and reflective holiday season.

                                     – Amy Steward and Emerald Keepers