Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Murder Mystery Month

Did you get a chance to read the Coronado Public Library’s Murder Mystery Month prompt? Librarian Nick Burmeister wrote the beginning of Curtains in the Cays and we asked Coronadans to submit their endings. Our judges chose their top three endings. Now, we are asking the public to vote for their favorite!

Head to cplevents.org and click on the calendar link for Murder Mystery Month. Read each ending and vote for your favorite! Voting is open until Friday, October 30, at noon. We will announce the winning ending via Facebook Live on Friday, October 30, at 4 pm.

There is also a link on the voting site to read the initial prompt if you haven’t.

Editor’s Note: While publishing this article for the Library, I read the prompt/beginning of story and the three endings and voted on my favorite. We’ve got some creative people in town! I recommend you take a 10 minute break and participate.