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Widespread Support for John Duncan for City Council

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Submitted by John Duncan

Thank you to the wonderful Coronado community and the amazing cross section of residents – including families, small business owners, retired citizens, military, and local youth leaders – for their support for my City Council campaign. I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of residents and I am humbled by their encouragement and kind words. I am running to serve the community, not to advance my career or earn income. If elected, I will donate my monthly council salary to a community non-profit in a fully public and transparent way on a monthly basis. I am sharing some of the meaningful quotes of support below.
  –John Duncan

“John is a forward-thinking leader that possesses the intellect, professionalism, and work ethic necessary to continue leading Coronado forward.
We will face many challenges and opportunities over the next four years and I believe John Duncan is exactly the right person to represent Coronado.”
-Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey

“I had the pleasure of serving with John on the Bicycle Advisory Committee. I found him to be deliberate, thoughtful and community-centric. He will be very good for Coronado.”
-Dan Orr

“I admire John Duncan and all he does in Coronado. I’m happy to support his campaign.”
-Cindi Gehler

“John Duncan is a true professional who will help Coronado move forward. We need to not look in the rearview mirror, we need leaders who will progress us into the future.”
-Dan Boyle

“No one will work harder for the people of Coronado and the common values that we share than John Duncan.”
-David Schnell

“As a military veteran of 20 years, who has raised my children in Coronado, I know John will put our community first. He has the experience and leadership to take on SANDAG and make sure our schools get the funding they deserve.”
-Aaron Vernallis, USN ret.

“John Duncan is a truly good person with a heart for our youth. I think we are fortunate to have someone like this represent our city. I strongly support John for City Council.”
-Jeff Farrell

“John is an affable, accomplished guy who cares about this community, wants to serve, and deserves to be elected.”
-Carol Zinser

“As a long-term resident of Coronado and friend of John’s, I believe John possesses the unique skill set required to help City Hall navigate the complex issues facing the community.”
-Bill Rogers

“I strongly support John Duncan. His legal and professional experience is greatly needed on Council.”
-Stacy Keszei

“John Duncan is a great guy. He has our vote!”
-Jessica Herrmann

“I’m glad to see John running for City Council. Best of luck John! Coronado would be lucky to have you on Council.”
-Bobbi-Lyn Carter

“John Duncan will do a great job. Thanks for stepping up John!”
-Sharon Darr

“John Duncan – very grateful for your service. You will be a huge asset to the City Council.”
-Kristin Reeves Luttrell

“I have known John for years as we raised our children here in Coronado. A great person who will be a tremendous asset on City Council! Thank you John for stepping up!”
-Diana Elia

“I just wanted to take the time to wish you well in this endeavor. I have always believed you to be a man of high integrity. You have my vote.”
-Chris Irwig

“Beautiful family. Looking forward to supporting you election day. I think you’d do a great job! Vote John Duncan!”
-Joe Whalen

“I worked in John Duncan’s home for more than 5 years. I saw a kind, hardworking, intelligent family man who loves his community!!”
-Shannon Dailey

“A very good man for a very big job.”
-Denver McGarey

“4 voters in my house. You have them all.”
-Andre McCollough

“Thank you for working hard for our community. My wife and I will be voting for you in November. Keep up the hard work!”
-Matthew Griffith

“I love seeing John’s family working hard to get him elected. This is the kind of hustle we need on city council!”
-Brad Gerbel

“I have known John Duncan for over a decade as a dedicated coach for our children, a neighbor and friend. In my years of law practice, I have also come to know John as a skilled attorney with a sharp legal mind and excellent problem solving skills. His professionalism will be a major asset on City Council. ”
-Bob Frances

“Coronado residents are extremely fortunate to have John Duncan, a very experienced, talented candidate, running for City Council. John has the time to do the job right and will make Coronado his top priority!”
-Carolyn Rogerson

“My dad is a committed father and coach, a hard worker, and perhaps above all else he is never afraid to voice his mind even when it isn’t the easy or comfortable thing to do. He will make a great councilmember and is very well-equipped to handle all challenges that will arise as part of this position. I am proud to be his son.”
-Connor Duncan

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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