“Us” – A House of Mirrors Set in Reality

Two years after Director Jordan Peele released his Oscar-winning hit Get Out which scored 98% on the reputable Rotten Tomatoes (a good score is considered 60% or higher), Peele released Us. The highly anticipated Us gained traction when its first trailer was released on Christmas and the second trailer was strategically placed before the Super Bowl.

The film takes place in Santa Cruz. Our heroine Adelaide, played by Lupita Nyong’o, is a young girl and she wanders off at the boardwalk amusement park. She finds herself in a house of mirrors when she sees a girl that looks exactly like her. Over thirty years later, Adelaide is on a vacation with her family, and the girl is back with a family of her own.

The film is a house of mirrors of its own, with so many scenes referencing prior marks. IE 1111 written on a man’s forehead, and the clock striking 11:11 later, a commercial with Americans holding hands to be seen in real time after. Us has a solid plot that takes its time unraveling to viewers, and by the end, while there are no loose ends, there is so much processing to do.

Moviegoer Asante shares, “Jordan Peele undoubtedly made his mark as one of the greatest filmmakers in suspense and horror. Wow. I’m shook!” Asante and I both agree that the movie soundtrack is especially impressive. Asante explains, “The score has to be the most suspenseful in a film since the shining.” It is hard to believe this is only Peele’s second directed film; if this is the level he is starting at, thriller fans are in for decades of great movies to come.

Us is the movie you’ll be hearing about and for all the right reasons. With the perfect amount of suspense, purpose, and twists, while skipping the cheap gore shots and cheesy death scenes, the film is a thought provoking social experiment.

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Genre: Horror, Thriller

Run Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes

Director: Jordan Peele

Actors: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss

Rating: R

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