City Manager’s Weekly Update – October 12, 2018

  • Police, Fire and Lifeguards welcomed community to annual public safety open house last weekend
  • The Design Review Commission looked at the first review of modifications proposed for the Kleege Orange Ave project in area bounded by 10th, C and Orange Ave
  • Interactive traffic signals on SR75 have been working intermittently and contractor and city are working to solve the issue
  • Mother-daughter team convicted of fraud to local hotel and realtor
  • Aerification of golf course greens has been completed
  • In celebration of local authors everywhere, Indie Author Day will be Saturday, October 13 at Library’s Winn Room and surrounding library park areas
  • Glorietta Bay boat launch ramp is being sealed on October 18
  • Silver Strand fencing project update
  • City’s IT division honored for Achievement in Information Technology Practices
  • Arborist’s report on pine that fell in Spreckels Park on September 19 is available on the city’s website
  • Country Club storm drain infiltration project nearing completion and lining phase may cause non-harmful odor as liner cures
  • Turkey coloring contest underway, turn in to Community Center on or before October 23
  • Skatepark construction for scooter use will begin Nov. 5

Each week, the City Manager’s Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when necessary.

Get up to speed on what’s going on in Coronado with this video preview of the latest edition of the Coronado City Manager’s Weekly Update, as well as a sampling of the updates below. Read the full update on the City’s website.

  • Design Review Commission Update: The first review of the modifications proposed by the Kleege Orange Avenue project bounded by Tenth Street and C Avenue was held on Wednesday, October 10, before the Design Review Commission. The Commission continued the item to a future meeting to allow the developer to provide more detailed answers to specific questions.
  • Image: Design Review Commission Agenda Oct 10 2018
  • Adaptive Signal Connectivity Issues: Recently, the interactive traffic signals installed along state Route 75 between City Hall and Naval Amphibious Base Coronado have been working intermittently. The wireless radio signal between the computers is being disrupted for unknown reasons. The City’s contractor on the project has been troubleshooting but has found no obvious reason for the dropped connection. The City plans to replace the modem as a possibly remedy. The best solution is to install a fiber optic connection. Higher than normal volumes have been seen in recent days If there are large volumes of traffic at the intersections, it will still back up regardless of the interactive signals. The adaptive system provides the most efficient flow possible. 
  • Spreckels Park Tree Failure: The Italian Stone pine tree at Spreckels park, estimated to be more than 100 years old, uprooted on September 19. The City has provided a summary of the arborist’s report on the failed pine. In short, the tree showed no obvious signs of stress or decline in its canopy. The most visible sign of the tree’s failure was the large structural roots that broke off near the base of the pine. Roots were visibly tangled and girdled within a short span of the pine’s root flare. The City is conducting evaluations of all trees at Spreckels Park to determine if further evaluation or action is required. The full summary can be found here.
  • Coronado Detectives Aid in Fraud Conviction:  A mother-daughter team who defrauded a local hotelier and a realtor late last year out of $7,200 have been convicted. Karen and Maxyne Alexander were investigated by Coronado detectives for the two scams they perpetrated in the City. The hotel was out $4,700 in unpaid hotel charges and the local realtor lost more than $2,500 when the rent on a home provided to them was not paid. Arrest warrants were issued in April for the Alexanders by Coronado Police. The cases were combined by the District Attorney’s Office, and the mother-daughter team pleaded guilty in San Diego Superior Court and served 11 days in jail. They also were ordered to repay the hotel and realtor. Coronado Police say additional victims have been coming forward and that the department is following up with all additional victims. Detectives warn local business owners and residents to never provide money to someone you don’t know very well. Anyone with information on any other cases of fraud is asked to call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at (619) 522-7350.

To see the complete City Manager’s Weekly Update, visit the city’s website.

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