Neighbors at Risk from Uncontrolled Dogs

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Name withheld by request

The following letter was sent to The Coronado Times with a note that it is also being sent to the Coronado Police Department. Names and address have been removed for this publication by request.

There’s a home in Coronado with two German Shepherds that are frequently in their driveway or front yard without leashes, and those dogs often rush to the street or sidewalk when pedestrians or bicyclists pass by. Numerous incidents have occurred with one or both dogs charging people or other dogs, while barking or growling, and they have knocked kids down or attacked other dogs. At best, the owner may yell at the dog(s), but that does not stop them from charging and they are clearly NOT under control of the owner.

On the morning of 1-28-17, I personally witnessed one of the dogs run from the yard to the sidewalk, barking and growling, as a lady with several small dogs (on leashes) passed by, and she had to run into the street (into the traffic lane) and drag her dogs away from the German Shepherd. I have also seen the dogs threaten passersby on other occasions.


I have several friends in this neighborhood who tell me that numerous reports have been filed with the City, yet no effective action has been taken to date. The owners refuse to (always) put their dogs on leashes, or to keep them out of the front yard. This is a chronic problem, and there is clearly a lack of proper enforcement by City Management going on. Perhaps it’s only coincidental that one of the owners is a former Coronado Police employee and retiree. This situation is putting numerous residents at risk for intimidation by charging dogs, dog bites and various injuries including vehicle/pedestrian collisions, and putting the City (and taxpayers) at risk for lawsuits due to lack of timely action. It’s just a matter of time.

Name withheld by request


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