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Albertson’s to Transform into Haggen Southwest in 40-Hour Grocery Store Makeover

Pacific Northwest grocery chain Haggen is bringing more than 80 years of family values to Coronado. Founded by Ben and Dorothy Haggen and Doug Clark during the Great Depression, Haggen has been a pioneer in the grocery industry. Since their opening, the company has supported thousands of Northwest farms, ranches, fisheries and other businesses, creating a lasting and sustainable local food economy. The new Coronado location — which will open in the Albertson’s location on Saturday, May 23rd — is part of the company’s recent acquisition of 146 new stores, which expands Haggen’s footprint in Washington and Oregon to include California, Nevada and Arizona. On Thursday, May 21, Albertson’s will close its doors at 6 p.m. and the new owner will set up shop at the 150 B Avenue location. The new Haggen store will open its doors to guests following a 40-hour initial store conversion. In an “Extreme Makeover” fashion, the transition from Albertson’s to Haggen happens fairly quickly, including everything from a fresh coat of paint, new signs inside and outside the store, and a variety of immediate changes from the former Albertson’s brand.

Upon the completion of the 40 hour makeover, shoppers will see Haggen branding and décor changes, as well as enhanced produce and meat/seafood offerings and an expanded layout in the Produce department, which will be reminiscent of a farmers market. Other smaller changes and enhancements will continue over time.

Behind the scenes, current Albertson’s employees, who all have been offered the opportunity to stay on staff at the store with Haggen and the majority of whom will be staying, will be transitioned and educated about Haggen’s mission, values and vision.

“We’re letting them know about the company’s commitment to buying local, supporting the community and utilizing sustainable business practices,” said Moran Golan, Haggen Pacific Southwest Director of Communications. “It’s a huge job, but the people who work with us are the most important part of who we are.”

Haggen is known as a full-line grocery store with an emphasis on fresh, quality, organic and local options, allowing for a one-stop shopping experience. Coronado shoppers can expect an enhanced selection of farmers’ market fresh produce, with more organic, premium and local produce options competitively priced across all categories. In particular, the store is expanding its offering of leafy, wet organic produce and adding big, center-section tables filled with organic fruits and vegetables.

The new Coronado store will feature more than 250 signature Fresh Department items from local farms; Santa Monica Seafood Company seafood; grass fed and Double R Ranch meat, natural pork and Mary’s Free Range Organic Chicken.

Haggen’s deli will feature an assortment of freshly made salads, including their signature “Grandma Haggen” salads and a huge selection of meats and cheeses. Also not to be missed, the bakery will provide fresh gourmet cinnamon rolls baked throughout the day.

Signature Center Store local items include local roasted artisan coffee from San Diego-based Mostra Coffee and Broguiere’s glass bottled milk. Shoppers will also find popular yogurt brands like Noosa and Brown Cow, as well as a variety of gluten-free products. And, as with it’s predecessor Albertson’s, the new Haggen will feature a local beer and beverage selection that will include Strand, Figueroa, Tap It and Surf as well as craft soda.

In addition to grocery items, guests will be pleased to find a larger selection of specialty natural items, such as Acure Organics Skincare and fresh cut flowers from local growers in the floral department.

“Haggen’s goal is to provide a unique, hassle-free shopping experience,” says Golan. “The new store will offer everything from essential items guests need, specialty items they want, and local items that reflect the community – all at fair, competitive prices.”

Shoppers at the new Haggen Southwest store will also enjoy 3-Day Fresh Deals Sales every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with discounts on popular items across each department. Additionally, military customers can enjoy even more savings and discounts, which will be rolled out upon opening. Every Friday, Haggen social feeds will list what new Fresh Deals will be offered throughout each weekend. You can find them online at: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Haggen’s commitment to supporting the local community extends beyond its sourcing and delves right into the heart of the communities around its stores. In keeping with the company’s core mission, the new store also plans to give back to the community through non-profit organizations, and work with small businesses to explore co-marketing programs.

“We have a long history of giving back to the communities we serve,” says Golan. “We want to demonstrate that commitment as soon as we open our doors.”

With each grand opening, Haggen partners with a local non-profit, donating a total of $100,000 across 100 stores in approximately 100 days. Local store leadership will be involved in the process, to help make a meaningful impact in and around Coronado. Also, during the 40 hour conversion process, Haggen will work with Feeding America to donate to local food banks.

Shoppers in Coronado will soon be met with a new grocery experience that should prove to be an excellent fit for Coronado, particularly with Haggen’s emphasis on local and organic products. But while many changes will be seen immediately upon the transition from Albertson’s to Haggen, many others will take place slowly over time.

Golan says, “We’re excited about the changes we’re making to enhance our stores. It will take time to completely infuse the store with the full Haggen experience. It is a journey, as we like to say, so guests can expect to see continued improvements over the upcoming weeks, months and year.”


Mary Douglas

Staff Writer


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