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Coronado Training Center Rebrands as Round House Fitness

The enthusiastic trainers at Round House Fitness are Dan Boyle, Kaitlin Zuloaga, Tatum Pylman, Gina Arboleda, and Micki Palmer. Photo courtesy of Round House Fitness

“Sa Bom Nim” is a well-known phrase for Dan Boyle, which means teacher or leader in Korean, the universal language of Taekwondo which he taught at Coronado Training Center (CTC) for many years. Boyle opened CTC in 2007, in the lower level of his current building at 126 B Avenue, across the parking lot from Smart and Final. His emphasis was Taekwondo, and he is proud of the thousands of Coronado kids he’s trained through the years. In 2010, he moved to his current location upstairs and expanded the training capabilities.

As with so many businesses, COVID hit the fitness industry hard and CTC was no exception, having to close indoors for more than seven months. Boyle tried teaching classes at his house and Tidelands Park, but neither were ideal and so he made the decision to regroup and focus on his own health. He started on the Optavia program and has now transitioned to being a coach. He has helped hundreds of people throughout the country on their nutritional and fitness journeys.

Round House Fitness will focus on a blend of core, cardio, strength training, in addition to boxing and kickboxing aimed at a diverse set of clients from teens to men and women of all ages. He says that adding kickboxing to any fitness routine is a terrific way to cross-train clients, both young and mature, and encourages beginners to give it a try.

Shannon Mishkin and her son Harrison feel this is the best workout on the planet for all ages.

The soft reopening and official name change to Round House Fitness starts this week with the full launch expected by the end of August. He, along with four women trainers, Kaitlin Zuloaga, Tatum Pylman, Gina Arboleda, Micki Palmer, will be offering both private sessions and group classes. New classes like “Bag and Booty” and “Happy Hour” will be added to make working out inviting and convenient. Classes will include core building, strength training, bag work, coupled with weight training, so clients can get the most out of their work outs. Shannon Mishkin and her son Harrison have come to train here every summer for the past six years. “This is the best workout on the planet for all ages,“ she advocates.

This relaunch is going back to Boyle’s roots in response to the changing world of fitness.  He’s not looking to train boxing champions, but rather provide a workout that relieves stress, with the goal of changing lives and helping people reach a higher potential than they thought possible, in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Dan Boyle trains Stephanie Clegg who loves the supportive environment.

“I focus on relating to people where they are and then helping them gain the confidence to take on anything. We place attention on personal growth with several trainers in each class, which are small in size for maximum benefit. We are striving to create a strong community,” says Boyle.

Stephanie Clegg has been training there for a year and notes, “It is a motivating, positive, supportive environment. I always feel confident and happy after I leave here.” She even brought her 70-year-old mom who also enjoyed it.

Growing up in Boston, one of eight kids, with seven brothers, his was an athletic family. He went on to earn a black belt in Taekwondo and is credentialed in boxing and Muay Thai boxing. Boxing is considered an art form and is known as the “sweet science.” Muay Thai is known as the science of eight limbs – two hands, elbows, knees, and feet. He has been nominated nine times in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also played NCAA baseball and even met his wife at a Red Sox vs Angels game.

With more than 30 years in the fitness industry, Boyle always strives to surround himself with positive people. While he is an avid pickleball player, he is currently sidelined due to an injury. He enjoys walking and biking around Coronado and spending time with his family. Involved with the Sacred Heart Parish, he stays connected to his faith to help deal with all the craziness in the world. He has long been involved in the Coronado Community coaching Little League, supporting Coronado schools in various ways, including being one of the original judges for Coronado’s Got Talent. His daughter is a CHS 2018 graduate.

Class post courtesy of Round House Fitness

Round House Fitness, located on the second level at 126 B Avenue, is open six days a week, closed on Sundays, and offers private sessions and group classes. The website is currently being updated. Find them on Instagram for details and updates @roundhouse.nado, @coachdanboyle, @kaitlinzuloaga, @ginamarie.fitness, @mindful_mickip, @tatum_pylman. Call 619-522-0988 for more information.

Jennifer Velez
Jennifer Velez
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